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Learn how Qualzy and research agency Mustard collaborated to begin answering this key question โ€“ by testing generative AI questioning with a real insight community.


This report is unique. It is a collaboration between a leading qualitative research agency Mustard Research and Qualzy, as an insight platform developer. In it we try to take the debate beyond speculation, towards true understanding of the potential of AI for qualitative inquiry. 

Through two enquiring pieces, we provide our unique perspectives on the context for and results of a joint experiment conducted in March 2023 to test the potential of generative AI in a qualitative research environment. We share the highlights and top take-outs of the experiment, which provides some of the first concrete evidence on which to make judgements about how qual researchers can leverage AI. 

In reading this report you can learn:

  • How real online insight community participants encountered and responded to AI and AI-assisted questioning, versus a human moderator - it was illuminating!
  • Why the needs of qualitative research firms and professionals can align with and complement those of the creators of insight tools and platforms - like Qualzy
  • That although some risks of AI may be real and relevant there are also a raft of opportunities to gain efficiencies and new business opportunity through AI
  • How we see our own responsibility and role in enabling research customers current and future to grasp those opportunities by developing AI functionality in an intentional way, not simply to jump on an AI bandwagon
  • Why we believe that there is little option but to get onboard with AI โ€“ and that there is no research future that doesnโ€™t include AI in some way

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